Wellington Charters
provides  fishing charters for individuals and groups. Based in Wellington we take fishing charters from Mana to Ohau, Kapiti, Marlborough Sounds and Cook Strait. A good fishing experience.

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Join in half days coming up

30th May from 7am $100 per person plus $20pp rod hire if needed  - 8 places left


Wellington Charters has now been forced to introduce a drinking policy on the various charters that are run on Swiftsure. This has come from a minority of passengers who have scant regard for their own safety as well as no respect for others and the skipper and crew by getting themselves intoxicated throughout the day.

1) Beersies only

2) 2 per passenger

3) To be consumed only after lunch.

4) The skipper reserves the right to take any passengers back to shore he considers intoxicated or a danger to others.

Sorry to do this but necessary.

Book the boat prices

Half day, $1200 (12 persons) plus $20 per person rod hire if needed. Up to 4 extra persons @ $80pp including rod hire.

6 Hr trip, $1500 (12 persons) plus $30 per person rod hire if needed. Up to 4 extra persons @ $100pp including rod hire.

Full day, $1800 (12 persons) plus $40 per person rod hire if needed. Up to 4 extra persons @ $120pp including rod hire.

Half day schedule coming soon.

Call me, skipper@wellingtoncharters.co.nz or 0211185793

Cheers Rolfe

A big man with a big Gurnard!


Electric reels getting a work out!

Introducing the new Daiwa Tanacom 1000 reels and rods for the deep sea fishing

Swiftsure has been wired up to take these reels we will be fishing 7 at a time in the deep. Now everyone can have a go at catching the big fellas!

New Look SWIFTSURE "The Lady in Red"


July 2020 fishing

1 week before lock down we found a good load of Puka in the strait. 

Hope they are still there?


If you are holding fishing vouchers, don't worry I will honour them.

This cod dog was an absolute beauty.

We can sort out all the bookings once we get going again.

Cheers Rolfe


A mixed bag of November fish.

Nick with a horse of a November Cod


Alex with a good size winter JD from the join in day. Still plenty of fish out there!

June Warehou!

(thats the fish not the ladies name!)

Back from 6 weeks in Fiordland. Another tick on the bucket list. Back in Action now. New camera as well!

Swiftsure survey is completed now.

Feb 2019

Fishing is going off right now with the tuna kicking in. No pics camera fell over board!



Contact Rolfe - 0211185793 or skipper@wellingtoncharters.co.nz 






Kingis snapper puka and gems all coming over the rail at the moment. Tuna have arrived. Can't wait to get into them!

Doing pretty good lately with the snapper on the bite and the puka trips we have done have mostly turned out alright. Every day is different though.

What a great year of fishing we had and it continues. We are currently fishing for Snapper, Tarakihi, Kahawai, Trevs and Hapuka. 

We have had a few Gem fish coming over the rail when we are fishing deep. These are good eating and are ideal for the smoker.


What doosy! A good October snapper 18lb a bit lean but still mean. This one is for the heroes board! 

Good day out on Saturday 25th August, buckets of big cod coming in. Still left plenty out there though.


Winter fishing has never been better. Big cod, terrors, trevs plus kingfish 2 days in a row couldn't be better. Groper have buggered off but thats to be expected. Plenty of bookings already going forward but still places available.

Just installed front rail on the bow of the boat with rod holders plenty of room up there for fishing away from the crowd.



April was Fiordland - brilliant trip, strongly recommend to put on your bucket list.

Gropering now, looking for them every trip with the new Furuno 3D depth sounder.

Remember the boat doesnt have to be full. Leave at 7:30am back in approx 4:30pm. $150pp plus $40 rod hire if needed. Lunch and tea and coffee provided. Let me know


Recent pics

They are back after the southerly blow.


March 2018 fishing is going off, tuna, kingfish, snapper all happy to party on the boat. Southerly blew pretty hard last week, hope the fish are still enjoying themselves????

There is a lot of fish out there right now!

Recent pics


Good fishing weekend before last a lot of fish coming over the rail. Snaps coming in big time now. Plus a few other fish for variety. Warm water.

I had just finished rebuilding the heads on the 8V71 engine after reconditioning them. After 26000 hrs of good service it was time to tighten the top end up. Its all back together now so we went out for a fish last Saturday 5th August. Not many on the boat so plenty of elbow room. Surprising day, slow but a number of terrors came over the rail. Shifted spots picked up some blues then went deeper drifting. Trevs and Jack macks started coming in. Beautiful flat day, middle of the road tides. If you can see a good day coming let me know if you are keen, I always am!

Email skipper@wellingtoncharters.co.nz now to book your place.

Even the Skipper gets lucky on Swiftsure!




Some good fishing in the last month has seen a lot of XOS snappers coming over the rail.


Some regulars showing off part of their haul. 



Back in business, new WOF and servicing done.

November Kingfish



 Call now for a place. $150pp plus $40 per rod per day rod hire. 

Charter fishing in Wellington with Wellington Charters aims to provide an excellent fishing experience with charter fishing trips from Wellington out of Mana marina and into the waters off Kapiti Island, Mana Island, Marlborough Sounds and down to Ohau.

Skipper Rolfe Everson has many years of experience fishing in these parts and will provide friendly advice on how to improve your catch.




Swiftsure is a 46ft Tuna Long liner built at Carey Boatyards in Picton specifically for Wellingtons Cook Strait conditions.



 Call me 0211185793 or skipper@wellingtoncharters.co.nz

All inclusive is, tackle, bait, lunch (full day only) add $40 per rod per day for fishing gear

Prices are:

Full day boat hire $1800 includes BBQ lunch, bait, tea, coffee for 12 people. Add $40 per day per rod for fishing gear if required.

Half Day boat hire $1200 includes, bait, tea, coffee for 12 people. Add $20 per day per rod for fishing gear if required.

Individual (join in days) full day $150pp includes BBQ, cooked lunch, bait, tea coffee. Add $40 per day  per rod for fishing gear if required.

Individual (join in days) half day $100pp includes, bait, tea, coffee. Add $20 per day per rod for fishing gear if required.

Swiftsure operates on a shared cost shared catch basis. This way everyone takes some fresh fish home to enjoy.

Gift Vouchers are available for the most excellent birthday or Christmas experience.




Starting out young with a nice April Dory




20lbr off Mana Island April 2016




I know, just another fishing trip on Swiftsure!












Nice snapper on the sand at Kapiti






Every fisherman's dream 55lb kingi 






                           First ever blue cod 




Nice Gem fish being caught out deep





Its been full on for the last month. With shallow groper turning up, big tarakihi on the sand, and finally the snapper have made an appearance. To complete the summer, blue water and the tuna.











1st weekend in November proved OK for fishing. Big Terrors out deep, groper hard to come by. I am confused now, snapper at Hunters, I could have sworn I saw a Tuna fin, then a Trumpeter (the king of eating fish) turns up south of Kapiti.

Double trouble

A rare trumpeter this far north. 






Labour weekend Snapper have turned up outwide. Reports were that the snapper were at Waikanae. We managed to catch some south of Kapiti. I hope this bodes well for the coming year.



This Big Daddy was caught late in June somewhere out the back in the good old Cook Strait.







Snapper are still here. Joe has a nice fish after a good days fishing on Saturday 6th June


What a shocker of a couple of weeks. Finally got out on Saturday 23rd May. Good day, snaps and terrors mainly. We got to fish all day. Had difficulty anchoring because of the tide vs wind but it didn't stop the fish coming on board.

I thought Sunday 24th May was a goner with the weather forecast, 25knts SW but it didn't happen. Went down to Makara with the Naylor Love team, snaps and terrors and kahawai. Went out wide in the afternoon and nailed a couple of groper to finish the day. Westerly came in on the way home so we enjoyed a bit of a carnival ride coming in.






Check out the good fortune Michael had on Easter Friday when pulling in what he though was a big mouthed scarpie. This 10lb brute had eaten the bait and hooked himself. Of course we let him go....... we know the rules.



Titahi Boys had a great day out on Saturday 28th March, not huge quantities of anything but something of everything.



Even the Skipper can catch fish on Swiftsure, check out this "Donkey" of a cod. (We let this Big Daddy go out the back of Durville Island.)




Two brothers, 2 king fish taken on Thursday 29th Jan






A happy Gay with a big snapper caught out wide on Weds 28 Jan





Cancelled the whole weekend of Wellington Anniversary. Bummer.


30th December, mixed people on this charter. Didn't stop the fish turning up though. Groper, snapper, XOS terrors, gurnard, 2-2.5kg Cod. Got busted off by big groper, and two express trains somewhere in the crystal clear Cook Strait. Magic day!

21st - 23rd December, big terrors turning up now, the water is finally getting warmer. Small groper are about on the sand. A few more hauls of snapper coming in, but patience is the key to these fish and sometimes they just don't want to eat. That's fishing though!

A happy Michael Campbell at home for a brief Christmas visit with his whanau, topped it off with a good sized hapuka for baking to be had at a family meal.

7-20th December, been scratchy on a couple of trips and yet others have turned up some good fish. Snapper periodically turn up, one day we caught 20 good size pannies. Next day zero. The kingfish are now sniffing around and we saw a lot of tuna sign at the back of Mana. Some real fat terries came over the rail in the weekend. So it is all building up.

A young man with his first puka, itching to get back out to try for more.





6th December, early in the day it was not blowing for a change. Got out with the first of many Christmas dos. Bit slow at the start, started blowing 15knts NW at lunch, then the snapper arrived. More smiles.

Cancelled whole weekend, all rebooked though.

22nd Nov, managed to get out with a group down to Ohau picked up a couple of puka and a hand full of others. Some big grey boys came over the rail, kept a couple, these are such under rated fish. I love em especially in a korma.

We found this fatty at 230m +++ (on the left)

A bit of grunting and groaning but all smiles in the end.





15 & 16th November - no good this weekend, blowing its tits off. All cancelled I am afraid to say.

7 & 8th November Southerly blowing on the Friday, went north was pretty tough, picked up our share but it was a grind though. Saturday was much better terries in shallow and then went out for a lash out wide. Big tides so we didn't get long at the bigguns. No puka but some nice fat cod showed up and a few big old deep type terakihi. One of the boys pulled in a giant Mrs Grey, that was a good old fight on a little rod. 

26th October southerly again, transferred Sundays charter to Saturday. A couple of people couldn't make it but Sunday was not happening either. Had a great day, Terakihi had been a little hard to get lately but yesterday they were back in action. We started shallow and then progressively moved deeper and picked up some fat daddies at 100m plus.

19th Oct southerly blowing, went south, terakihi were slow on the bite, got a few. Went out wide for groper fish, caught a few, they are still deep though.

30th September went out for a sneaky fish yesterday with a mate to give the boat a run and pick up some kai. Not a breath of wind, big tides and fishing was a little hard but we still picked up the usual suspects. The groper aren't back yet but can't be far away. Caught a kahawai and saw the blue water coming in a magnificent sight which means the warm water is not far away.



8th June a small group booked the boat for a bit of fishing before returning to Auckland. No disappointment with their catch! 64lb or 29kg groper that took 30mins to pull up from 250m. There was no grinning going on until the fish was on the deck



10th May we took out a group of young fellas to enjoy a fishing experience. At the right they are enjoying fresh hot scones before the action commenced. Southerly blowing so we headed down Makara/Ohau way. A little bit slow at the start but once everyone was sorted with the fishing gear and what they were meant to do. A good number of fish started to come in. The snapper are still down at Ohau with the water temperature sitting at 15-16 degrees. 

The 4th May $100 day turned out to be brilliant. Started slow as we had the tides and the wind running at cross purposes so we shifted to a couple of different sites. No snapper but lots of other fish including a couple of very healthy JDs and Trevs, Cod and the usual Tarakihi coming over the rail. There must have been a couple of XOS snaps down there with a couple of 5/0 hooks being chomped. 

3rd May was a charter operation with some of the boys from Wainui who knew "Jimmy the Fish" well. (Formerly Jimmy the Greek). We absolutely cleaned up with a good number of snapper and many others coming over the rail in a steady procession all day. It would be good if every day was like that but then it wouldn't be fishing? 

I haven't decided on the next $100 day but it will be soon. When you see it posted BE IN QUICK BECAUSE IT FILLED FAST LAST TIME!


Even if you are the only person that wants to go on the $100 DAY I will take you out and I won't over load the boat or ignore you for the whole trip! I love going fishing.


I have been using a bit of "Chomp" gear lately. An old mate of mine sent it down to try it out. The rigs are a bit cheaper than those bought in the tackle shops and worth a go. I had a fish with the 5/0 3 hook rig and caught a couple of decent snapper and to my surprise a big Blue Moki.



Check them out, its worth a look.

Wellington Charters is based at Mana and has a fishing charter operation on the Westcoast of Wellington.

Thanks for showing interest in our fishing charter operation. 

The boat's name is Swiftsure.

The Skippers name is Rolfe Everson.

Together we will do our best to provide you with entertainment and fishing in a safe environment.

Contact Rolfe: 021 118 5793 or skipper@wellingtoncharters.co.nz


Swiftsure is berthed at D35 Mana Marina.


Use the above link for a map. But turn left into Pascoe Street and then left into South Beach Road.

Visit us and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Check us out http://www.trademe.co.nz/services/other-services/experiences-tourism/auction-630210752.htm

Swiftsure is available for a fishing charter most week days as well as weekends.

If you only have 5 or 6 wanting to go, give us a try. We can match you up.

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

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Charter fishing gift vouchers now available.

Full day, half day. evening snapper great gift for friends.



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